Taste of Code

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Bring a Laptop | Max 100 Participants

Build an online game

Learn about HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


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Come and build an online game with us!

Learn about HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Dive into the fascinating world of code. Sign up for our immersive beginner coding workshop at an inspiring location and learn about the most wanted skill right now.


Code is everywhere. Computers, phones, cars, refrigerators, watches… Every piece of technology that you use every day runs on software. People in all industries can benefit from learning code to boost their productivity and e-skills.


Learn to build an online game during our beginner workshop where we teach you about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Bring your own laptop, that’s all you need.


Leading tech minded corporates provide us with classroom space and sponsorships, and Codaisseur provides us with a training program and expert coaching throughout the day.

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